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Potatoes and Commas

Have you ever heard of Blackfoot, Idaho? I’m guessing the answer is no, so let me fill you in…

Blackfoot is the town where I grew up. The most notable thing about it is that it’s the county seat of Bingham County, the potato capital of the U.S.

More potatoes are produced in Bingham County than in any other county in the country, and the Famous Idaho Potato truck originated in Blackfoot. There’s even a potato museum, so the next time you eat out and order a yummy russet with butter and sour cream, think of me!

Also, Blackfoot had a daily newspaper for many years called The Morning News. It was riddled with errors on a continual basis, which was a bit of a turn-off for a lot of people. Not for me, though! I looked forward every day to scouring the pages for typos and other mistakes, then telling my mom that they should hire me as a proofreader!


Slimy Creatures

Growing up in potato land gives you an opportunity to have some pretty interesting summer jobs. I think one of them is particularly funny:

When I was about 14, one of the gas stations in town advertised that they’d pay for earthworms, which they resold to local fisherman.

I guess I must have been desperate for spending money, because worm hunting sounded like a profitable enterprise. I figured I couldn’t go wrong, because my family had a big lawn with lots of earthworms. Also, the gas station guy advertised a useful liquid called “Crawler Caller” that made them come out of the ground.

I decided to buy some Crawler Caller and give it a try. But as you might have guessed, extracting worms in bulk is no easy task. I had to fill a large garbage can with water, add a cup of Crawler Caller, and dump it on the lawn.

When the worms came up for air, I plucked them out of the grass and tossed them in a bucket to take them to the gas station guy. He was most appreciative, but doesn’t it sound awful?

My worm business actually only lasted two weeks; the worms were slimy and I had to get up way too early in the morning!

Oh well…hopefully the gas station guy had enough other worm pluckers to keep his fishermen happy!

Dollars Days

Thankfully, my summer jobs got a little more reputable after the worms. When I was old enough, I cashiered at a fast food drive-thru, waitressed, and cleaned apartments. Also, as a native of Blackfoot, Idaho, I had the lovely opportunity to work at a potato processing plant.

Most of those positions were just summer ventures, necessary so I’d have a little spending money. One, however, actually changed my life.

In between my junior and senior year of college, I sold CUTCO Cutlery. It was an experience I didn’t go looking for, but I learned lessons I’m grateful for and will never forget. I’ll tell you a little about it.

Watch Your Fingers

Have you ever heard of CUTCO? They make awesome and expensive kitchen cutlery, hunting knives, and gardening tools. The knives are great because they stay sharp for years, you can mail them back anytime for re-sharpening, and the company will replace anything that breaks.

I’ve even heard, although don’t quote me on it because I definitely don’t have personal experience (wink, wink) that they’ll give you a new knife if you accidentally melt the handle on your old one.

CUTCO has a pretty effective sales system. They offer summer jobs to college students, and hire them to go to people’s homes and give in-person demonstrations.

If you’re tired of cooking with dull knives, give CUTCO a call! A sales rep who will come to your house and give you a demo that includes slicing through rope with the Petite Carver and cutting pennies with the Super Shears.

It’s a pretty smart strategy!


Change in the Wind

The summer I sold CUTCO was an unexpected turning point in my life. I discovered the world of sales and marketing, and decided I really liked it.

After college, I spent several years as a sales recruiter and sales rep, and in addition to my writing and marketing business, I also own a real estate investment company with my husband Nathan. I speak the language of motivated sellers, ARVs, and hard money, and I know my way around syndications, SDIRAs, and cap rates.

Here We Are

On a personal note, I live in Boise, Idaho, with my husband and two dramatically different teen-aged sons.

My older one likes mountain biking, dirt biking, choir, and music. He has a Spotify play list that’s hours long, and he dreams of working for Formula 1.

My younger one likes track, cross country, physics class, and making money. He’s working on a drop shipping business, and will be probably be a millionaire in short order.

We also have a sweet German shorthaired named Sobe, pronounced like the vitamin water, and a sometimes nice black and white cat named Oreo.

In addition to laughing with my boys and buying houses with my husband, I love boating, riding dirt bikes, snow skiing, and traveling.

I’m a sucker for the latest wrinkle-removing skin cream, a new piece of exercise equipment with decorative potential, and a giant bowl of rocky road ice cream.


Wrapping It Up

I’m fascinated by all types of businesses and how they differentiate themselves from their competitors. I love B2B, because I think it keeps the B2C world going.

If you have copy or content writing needs, I’d love to chat and see if we’d be a good fit. Please reach out anytime.

Talk to you soon!


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